Artek at Imm Cologne

Exhibition design, Art Direction, Visual Identity, Lettering, Folder, E-invitation


Artek, Helsinki


At IMM Cologne 2015, Artek presented Rival, a universal chair suited for homes, public spaces and offices. We designed the Artek booth as well as the accompanying print and promotional materials.

For the design of the booth we started with a blank stage, dividing the space with a diagonal wall to create a room of two qualities – welcoming and private. To give the chair a focused, confident presentation we placed some of them on round columns at different heights providing insights into some details of its construction. We also used slightly modified columns as bistro and coffee tables to make the shift from exhibited object to product. Wallpapers with renderings of diverse architectural scenarios open the imagination for the chairs wide area of use and also expand the booth visually.

Based on Artek’s Futura typeface, we designed a customized logotype and sign for the Rival chair. The circle relates to the swivel mechanism of the Rival and illustrates the dynamic seating provided by the chair.

The accompanying product folder works as an abstract flipbook. While browsing the content, it also provides an overview of the Rival’s features and universal usage.

DSC1306_medium_SW TitlePalmgren House /Year2006–2013 /ByJohn Pawson
1-liam-gillick TitleA Syntax of Dependency /Year2011 /ByLiam Gillick and Lawrence Weiner /DescriptionCover of the publication which documents the collaborative work that Liam Gillick and Lawrence Weiner produced for the MuHKA, in Antwerp
Motorcycle_Burnout_SW TitleMotorcycle Burnout
HeimoZobernig_Messesstand2006 TitleOhne Titel /Year2006 /ByHeimo Zobernig /DescriptionFair booth Gallery Anselm Dreher
LillyReich TitleDie Wohnung unserer Zeit, deutsche Bauausstellung Berlin /Year1931 /ByLilly Reich /DescriptionPuristic material presentation, anticipating installations of Minimal-Art.
Ouroboros_1 TitleOuroboros /ByLucas Jennis /DescriptionThe ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail.
Eivind-Søreng-Molvær_1 TitleTwelve-hour drawing on a piece of paper /ByEivind Søreng Molvær
CafeGriensteidl_vor1897 TitleInterior Café Griensteidl /DescriptionCafé Griensteidl is a traditional Viennese café. The original cafe was founded in 1847 and closed in 1897. The café was frequented by many artists, musicians, and writers, including Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Arthur Schnitzler, Arnold Schoenberg, Hermann Bahr, Friedrich Eckstein, Rudolf Steiner, Hugo Wolf, and Stefan Zweig.
Biennale_DeutscherPavillion TitleReduce-Reuse-Recycle, Venice Biennale /Year2012 /ByKonstantin Grcic /DescriptionExhibition view at the German Pavilion
Sanaa_MuseeduLouvreLens TitleLouvre-Lens /Year2012 /BySanaa /DescriptionArtworks are arranged on freestanding plinths forming islands and room-like clusters that allow you to walk around the work.
24h1 Title24h Linda /Year2005 /ByRobert Stadler /DescriptionMural LCD clock
PaulSouviron TitleEntropie / Anthropie /Year2014 /ByPaul Souviron /Description Video still from the Solo Show at the XPO Gallery, Paris
Tagada_2_SW TitleTagada / DescriptionAmusement ride
King_Arthur_and_the_Knights_of_the_Round_Table_SW TitleKnights of the round table
ej-05-sc-001_cc_SW TitleEmbrace /Year2005 /ByEmily Jacir /DescriptionRubber, stainless steel, aluminum, motor and motion sensors
David_Moises_Hanoskop_SW TitleHanoskop /Year2002 /ByDavid Moises /DescriptionMonitor, motor. A fast rotating LCD-monitor generates three dimensional phantom images which can be observed from all sides.
Oildrumtable_SW DescriptionOil drum converted into a table and grill
artwork_images_139801_475938_jonathan-horowitz_SW TitleEndless Column /Year2006 /ByJonathan Horowitz
corwin-web7_SW TitleTerri /Year2011 / ByGillian Wearing
P_TW002_SW TitlePendant Lamp TW002 /Year1951 /ByTapio Wirkkala /Description Mouth blown satin opal glass shade
Alvar-Aalto_Triennale-di-Milano-1936 TitleFinlandia Booth /Year1936 /DescriptionTriennale di Milano