Cardboard Clock

Table Clock


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Laser-cut cardboard, Junghans clockwork, polyamide


A clock made out of a single sheet of cardboard. The substracted hour and minute marks as well as the hands are different in size to structure the information on the clock face. The base provides a single slot to connect both parts, forming a solid stand.

WallClock_NaotoFukasawa TitleWall clock +-0 /Year2009 /ByNaoto Fukasawa
StefanSagmeister_Things TitleThings I Have Learned In My Life So Far /Year2008 /ByStefan Sagmeister /DescriptionLaser-cut slipcase
TheNorthTiles_Bouroullec TitleNorth Tiles /Year2006 /ByRonan & Erwan Bouroullec /DescriptionNorth Tiles are a system of foam and fabric building blocks which can be put together and used as walls, decoration or for dividing rooms.
hopkins_forwardsreverse TitleForwards & Reverse /Year2005 /ByJames Hopkins /DescriptionBackwards clock, mirror
Montaine_HansHilfiker TitleMondaine Swiss Railway /Year1944 /ByHans Hilfiker /DescriptionClock
Front-Around-the-Clock-2 Title Sundial /Year2011 /ByFront
Cardboardspeakers TitleCardboard Speakers /DescriptionPortable cardboard speakers that fold up flat
ErichDieckmann TitleTable Clock /Year1931 /ByErich Dieckmann
Braun-AB1-Travel-Clock-Alarm TitleAB1 Travel Clock Alarm /Year1971 /ByDietrich Lubs
Cardboard-chair TitleDIY Cardboard Child Chair /DescriptionCardboard boxes made from recycled paper. The assembled chair can be finished off by allowing children to paint or draw on it.
ATO-mat1 TitleATO-Mat /Year1970s /DescriptionWall Clock
bodypainting_customize DescriptionBody painting
Airbrush-Starting-Set-ABS TitleCopic ABS /DescriptionAirbrush system for markers
1mezz_hakimi01_neu_jpg_700x450_q85 TitleNoch so ein Sieg, und wir haben verloren /Year 2010 /ByMichael Hakimi /DescriptionMDF, paint
56981 DescriptionBrass stencils
A-Poc TitleA-POC (A Piece of Cloth) /YearSince 1997 /ByIssey Miyake, Dai Fujiwara /DescriptionThe „tubes“ of fabric hold complete clothing ensembles waiting to be cut out, thus literally allowing the fabric to be cut and fitted straight on to the wearer.
acrylic-delrin DescriptionLaser cutted parts
hb_37_160 TitleMantel Clock /YearCa. 1750 /ByJean-Joseph de Saint-Germain, Jean-Baptiste Gosselin
PhilippMessner TitleA0united /Year2004–5 /ByPhilipp Messner /DescriptionMultilayered pigmentprint on paper. Cutted
Lernuhr2 TitleLearning clocks
Laser-Cutting DescriptionLaser cutting
GAZ1 TitleEye Tracking /DescriptionGaze Plot. Eye fixations are plotted with points sized by time viewed and numbered in order.
hb_1991_8 TitleMantel Clock /YearCa. 1757–60 /ByJulien Le Roy, Joseph Baumhauer /DescriptionGilded and patinated bronze, oak veneered with ebony, white enamel, brass, steel
HeinrichMoeller_Kienzle TitleMantel Clock /Year1950 /ByHeinrich Möller /DescriptionBrass, lacquered metal, glass, 8 day power reserve
Suedbahnhof DescriptionStation clock
Main_Street_8 TitleWiener Würfeluhr /YearCa. 1905 /DescriptionPublic clock
90563lg-01 DescriptionPaintball helmet
dzn_Punkt TitleAC 01 Alarm Clock /Year2011 /ByJasper Morrison /
moon DescriptionSurface of the moon
ClearAcrylicStand DescriptionClear acrylic stand
88_44st_clock1 DescriptionPublic clock
GeorgNelson_PinClock TitlePin clock /Year1950 /ByGeorge Nelson
1009mrpic07 TitleFeelings /Year2010 /ByMatthew Richardson /DescriptionInstallation view
AngeloMangiarotti_Maritim TitleTable Clock /Year1956 /ByAngelo Mangiarotti /DescriptionCeramics, acryl
Grecian_12200 TitleGrecian /YearCa. 1860 /DescriptionShelf clock. Eight day time and strike movement
product3 TitleMy First Clock /DescriptionDIY clock
hb_46162 TitleMantel Clock /YearCa. 1710 /ByFranz Xaver Gegenreiner, Johann Andreas Thelot /DescriptionTortoiseshell veneer, silver, gilt, brass, steel
hb_1974.28.94 TitleTable Clock with Calendar /YearCa. 1720 /DescriptionOak, burl walnut veneer, stained wooden moldings, brass fittings, gilded and silvered brass, brass, steel
img000065 TitleUntitled /Year2003 /ByKatharina Grosse
00_tobar-install-image2 TitleBigclock /Year2007 /ByAndy Plant, Tim Hunkin
57_0089 TitleJunghans Küchenuhr /Year1956–57 /ByMax Bill, Ernst Möckl /DescriptionWall clock
LANCIA-TREVI_001 TitleLancia Beta Trevi dashboard /Year1972 /ByMario Bellini
toki-woki TitleScroll Clock /ByToki Woki
Swatch_GN101_1983 TitleNo Name (GN101) /Year1983 /DescriptionFrom the series „Gent Standard“. Plastic, 34 mm diameter
Swatch_BlueRebel_2010_Detai TitleBlue Rebel /Year2010 /DescriptionFrom the series „New Gent“. Plastic, 41 mm diameter
Nocc_Leafbed TitleLeafBed /Year2009–10 /ByStudio Nocc /DescriptionCamp bed solely made of cardboard
IMG_0282 TitleSplit:Time /Year2007 /ByEd Carpenter /DescriptionThe dial of the clock is molded from a single piece of plastic.
SlaveClockmedium TitleSlave Clock /Year2010 /ByHenrik Plenge Jakobsen /DescriptionWood, steel
Eivind-Søreng-Molvær_1 TitleTwelve-hour drawing on a piece of paper /ByEivind Søreng Molvær
24h1 Title24h Linda /Year2005 /ByRobert Stadler /DescriptionMural LCD clock
287803_bddf79c2f16cca102484 TitleExecutive Time Projector /DescriptionThe Executive Time Projector clock projects an analogue clock face.
AZ10_17_WH TitleCube clock /Year2010 /ByTomoko Azumi /DescriptionSand cast aluminium, powder coated
11_cd-clock DescriptionDIY CD clock
like-a-bike TitleLIKEaBIKE Racer /Year2007 /Birchwood