Coat Rack

Coat Rack


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Polyamide/Alumide, aluminium, ash


A flexible, space-saving product for occasional or permanent use. It provides six hooks and various additional possibilities to hang clothes. The expandable system of the coat rack draws on the concertina principle, which offers a stable structure and makes the product easy to store or transport when folded.

Concertina-Prinzo2 DescriptionAdjustable music stand
27122008 Title Concertina Principle /Description Reflective expanding barrier. Concertina collapsibles have a number of equal rods connected by pivots to form a string of Xs, which can be expanded and retracted by changing the angles between them.
Treppiedi-by-CRASSEVIG-by-Giovanni-Offredi-image-1 Title Treppiedi /Year1971 /ByGiovanni Offredi /DescriptionCoat hanger, solid beech wood
pimage_92 TitleOak Coat Rack /Year2007 /ByBig-Game
product4-s DescriptionCamping bed
Kramer_Rainbelle Title Rainbelle /Year 1949 /ByFerdinand Kramer /DescriptionCardboard, metal, wood
mandu_45 Title Mandu /Year 1932 /ByEckart Muthesius /DescriptionServant
Hi-Honey,-I'm-Home-(1997) TitleHi Honey, I‘m Home /Year1997 /ByMichael Marriott
japanesestickfoldingstoo TitleJapanese stick folding stool /YearCa. 1880 /DescriptionCanvas seat
714574356331422d74617474435a6a56666177-260x260-0-0 DescriptionFolding step stool
bernstrand_gobble-01 TitleGobble /Year 2001 /ByThomas Bernstrand /DescriptionFloor coat hanger
810 DescriptionFolding wallpaper table
hanger-marrito TitleShelf Bracket /Year2005 /ByMichael Marriott /DescriptionSteel bar shelf bracket incorporating cunning hook device
Kleiderstaender_p TitleClothes stand 107 /Year1998 /ByKurt Thut /DescriptionBeech
martin_creed TitleWork No. 701 /Year2007 /ByMartin Creed /DescriptionNails 1”, 1 1/2”, 2”, 2 1/2” 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”
prosthesis2 TitleProsthes /Year2010 /ByForm Us With Love /DescriptionModule hanger
remake_hangingboxkitchentro TitleHanging Box Kitchen Trolley /Year2002 /ByMartino Gamper/
Roger-Webb TitleWooden table /Year1979 /ByRobert Heritage, Roger Webb /DescriptionAdjustable table
05Emeco TitleFold-out hangtag /Year2007 /ByEric Adorn, Gary Fogelson/
17_bethanlaurawoodumbrella580007 TitleUmbrella /Year2007 /ByBethan Laura Wood /DescriptionFolding table
41lv3+qlGeL DescriptionFolding clothes hanger
Gerber_Multi_Tool TitleMulti tool / DescriptionStainless steel. One hand opening jaws
Gormley_Exposure TitleExposure /Year2010 /ByAntony Gormley /DescriptionThe sculpture is 26 metres tall, weights 60 tonnes, contains 5400 bolts and consists of 2000 components.
HobermanSphere TitleHoberman Sphere /Year1995 /ByChuck Hoberman /DescriptionPolypropylene, ABS plastic
Jay-Heikes-The-Family-Tree-2003 TitleThe Family Tree /Year2003 /ByJay Heikes /DescriptionDriftwood, jackets, hardware
s_feiersinger_ot_2007_schau TitleOhne Titel /Year2007 /ByWerner Feiersinger /DescriptionStainless steel, primer
Sphere_3 DescriptionExpanding sphere toy ball
Werzeugkiste TitleTool box / DescriptionManufactured from sheet steel with lacquered finish
1460860 DescriptionFoldable camping chair
Curt-Fischer_WandleuchteMod TitleScherenleuchte No. 112 /Year1923–25 /ByCurt Fischer
CRI_59821 TitleFolding Newspaper Holder /Year1981 /ByJohannes Foersom, Peter Hiort-Loerenzen /DescriptionLaminated beechwood
ppkt_110_dn14573_s TitlePipeknot /Year2007 /ByKeiji Ashizawa /DescriptionFurniture system. Welded steel pipes, wood rods
object1563_pic3440_jumbo TitleTrice /Year1985 /ByHannu Kähönen /DescriptionFolding chair, fibreglass-reinforced polyester, 1 kg
josef-beverly-fenby TitleTripolina /Year1930s /ByJoseph Beverly Fenby /DescriptionLeather folding chair
Folding-Tent TitleFolding tent /DescriptionTent with fold-away principle
HUTab TitleHut ab /Year1997 /ByKonstantin Grcic /DescriptionFoldable coat stand
zanotta_museo_hat_rack_lit1 TitleMuseo /Year1991 /ByEnzo Mari
Bofinger-Möbelsystem-M-125_ TitleMöbelsystem M 125 /Year1950 /ByHans Gugelot /Description Storage system
Olaf-von-Bohr TitleClothes Hooks /Year1971–72 /ByOlaf von Bohr /DescriptionABS polymer
ManualHydraulicLift2 DescriptionManual hydraulic lift
05112008(004) DescriptionVarious hooks
bridge TitleBridge /Year1996 /ByStefano Giovannoni /DescriptionExtendable and expandable wall coat hanger
Menschenpyramide2 DescriptionCheerleading pyramid
CRI_58228 TitleSciangai /Year1973–74 /ByJonathan De Pas, Donato D‘Urbino, Paolo Lomazzi /Description Folding clothes stand
Eichenholz TitleOak /Description Botanical illustration
193 TitleColonial Table /Year1945–48 /ByHans Bellmann /Description Adjustable side table
Hangitall TitleHang-it-all /Year1953 /ByCharles & Ray Eames /Description Wardrobe
WALL8 TitleUpon /Year2006 /ByStefan Diez /DescriptionWardrobe. Laser cut sheet metal. A subsequent stretching or twisting process is responsible for the final, three dimensional shape.
bear-bag DescriptionBear bag
Heavy-Duty-Video-Tripod DescriptionHeavy duty video tripod
DSC01391 DescriptionCanvas chair
P1040616 DescriptionFolding chair
axe7_big TitleHomo-Hablis Hand-Axe /Year2007 /ByDaniel G. Baird /DescriptionPolymer resin
jouin1 TitleOneshot.MGX Stool /Year2006 /ByPatrick Jouin /DescriptionLaser-sintered nylon
Prada_Transformer_OMA TitlePrada-Transformer /Year2009 /ByOMA/Rem Koolhaas /DescriptionThe building, entirely covered with a smooth elastic membrane, will be flipped using cranes, completely reconfiguring the visitor‘s experience with each new programme. Each side plan is precisely designed to organize a different event installation creating a building with four identities.
sculpturesDexpressions_mirr TitleSculptures d‘expressions fondamentales /Year2010 /ByVanessa Safavi /DescriptionWood, mirror, rope
ourcampsite DescriptionFolding tripod stool
GiancarloPiretti_Planta TitlePlanta /Year1972 /ByGiancarlo Piretti /DescriptionCoat rack with fold-out hooks
GastoneRinaldi_Dafne TitleDafne /Year1979 /ByGastone Rinaldi /DescriptionFolding chair