Several Flames, Milano


We were commissioned to design the interior of the one-year long pop-up shop by Several Flames, located at Palazzo Grifoni in Milan. Based on the principles of our »Tri-Joint« system we developed a modular structure to showcase the rotating selection of objects and products.

Since the pop-up shop is located in a very long and narrow corridor, we decided to divide the room into one-meter long sections. All our displays and the furniture have been adjusted to fit the simple grid. This makes it possible to easily vary and modify the interior setting to respond to the needs of the shop and its philosophy.

KEN-ISAACS-5 TitleSuper Chair from the Book "How to Build Your Own Living Structures" /Year1974 /ByKen Isaacs
MikeAndDougStarn_SW TitleBig Bambú /Year2011 /ByMike and Doug Starn /DescriptionDetail view
4592297414_ca95fcdaf7_z TitleGrid Beam Building System /Year1976 /DescriptionThis modular construction system is based on beams with a simple geometry and a repetitive hole-pattern. The beams can be made of wood, aluminium, steel, or any other material.
grid4_SW TitleOpenStructures /Year2007 /ByIntrastructures (Thomas Lommée) /DescriptionThe OS (OpenStructures) project explores the possibility of a modular construction model where everyone designs for everyone on the basis of one shared geometrical grid.
Usm_Modular_Furniture_System_SW TitleUSM Modular furniture system /Year1965 /ByPaul Schärer and Fritz Haller
Otto_Neurath_Exhibition TitleTravelling exhibition /Yearc. 1927 /ByGesellschafts- und Wirtschaftsmuseum Vienna
MichaelJohansson TitleDomestic Kitchen Planning /Year2010 /ByMichael Johansson /DescriptionKitchen stool, kitchen equipment
Urmeter_Paris TitleStandard-Meter at the Rue de Vaugirard, Paris /DescriptionThe metre was originally defined in 1793 as one ten-millionth of the distance from the equator to the North Pole.
Alicja-Kwade TitleAndere Bedingung (Aggregatzustand 6) /Year2009 /ByAlicja Kwade /DescriptionSteel, copper, glass, mirror, iron, mop stick
Rupert-Ackroyd TitleMoon Under Water /Year2009 /ByRupert Ackroyd/
AlfredoHaeberli_Pop TitlePop Up /Year2009 /ByAlfredo Häberli, Christophe Marchand /DescriptionOne-square-metre folding display
131-1-500 DescriptionMobile workbench
WalterGropius TitlePackaged House System /Year1942-45 /ByWalter Gropius, Konrad Wachsmann /DescriptionModular system for small apartment houses
Josef-Albers TitleStacking Tables /Year1926 /ByJosef Albers /DescriptionThe nest of four tables can be stacked and easily transported as a set.