Design Everyday

Curating, Exhibition design, Visual Identity


Vienna Design Week, Vienna


Design is something common, both with regards to its use as well as its availability. It influences the individual´s relationship with its surroundings and environment. Useful, responsibly designed and sustainably produced everyday things have become even more important, as the borders between the real and virtual worlds are increasingly becoming blurred.

While it has become increasingly difficult to identify the qualities of good design in the vast market for goods, the presented stock-taking provides insights into the work of 28 Austrian design studios.

The purpose and goal of the exhibition is to shed light on the multi-faceted, internationally-acclaimed work of the younger generation of Austrian designers and at the same time, to demonstrate the societal relevance of the design of everyday things.

Featuring the work of:
Alexander Gufler | Antenna Design | bkm | Breaded Escalope | Celia-Hannes | chmara.rosinke | Clemens Auer | Dottings | Element Design | EOOS | Frank Rettenbacher | Jessica Covi | Julia Landsiedl | Kathrin Zelger | Kim&Heep | Klemens Schillinger | Louisa Köber | March Gut | Marco Dessi | mischer’traxler | Mostlikely | Numen / For use | Patrick Rampelotto | Patrycja Domanska | Polka | Robert Rüf | Valentin Vodev | Zitta Schnitt