Our New Apartment


Fir, plywood, polyamide


The table offers enough space to become the centre point for today‘s living. It provides a place for eating in company and can be easily transformed into a home-based working unit. The two tabletops allow for a quick switch between the different modes.

Adolf-loos TitleEight-legged elephant trunk table /YearCa. 1900 /ByAdolf Loos /DescriptionOak, stained brown, brass, red-brown marbled stone
HerbertHirche_Barwagen TitleBarwagen /Year1956 /ByHerbert Hirche /DescriptionService table
IFAM_Knochen TitleSelective Laser Melting /DescriptionIndividual jawbone implant made from powdered metal
intro_chamaeleon_g DescriptionChameleon
JacquesAdnet_telephonetable TitleTelephone table /Year1950s /ByJacques Adnet/
normal_ikea_0114DescriptionLeaflet Computer Tables
Poker-Table_1968 TitlePoker Table /Year1968 /ByJoe Colombo /DescriptionLaminated wood, stainless steel
radar8934_pic39952_jumbo TitleCaruelle side table /Year1936 /ByFrancois Caruelle
work928-1 TitleWork No. 928 /Year2008 /ByMartin Creed /DescriptionTables
enchord_lores TitleEnchord table /Year2008 /ByIndustrial Facility
Bildschirmfoto-2011-07-21-u TitleConsole table from Cité Cansado /Year1958 /ByCharlotte Perriand /DescriptionPainted steel, plastic laminate-covered plywood, moulded plastic
34-62-53-s-rolltop-computer DescriptionHome office
9911_340 TitleYin and Yang
AMoe TitleConsole desk /Year2009 /ByAndrew Moe
2006AL1511_jpg_l TitleWeathered oak desk /Year1929 /ByAmbrose Heal /DescriptionReconditioned weathered oak
london-bus-682_494558a TitleDouble-decker bus
Doppelleben_00-tm TitleDoppelleben /ByAhha Project /DescriptionMulti-purpose table
Kaare-Klint TitleCard table /Year1934 /ByKaare Klint
RobertStadler TitleNegotable /Year2006 /ByRobert Stadler
less07_b TitleLess Table /Year1994 /ByJean Nouvel /DescriptionPultruded and welded steel
CRI_210680 TitleDesk for the Anglo-Österreichische Bank II /Year1914 /ByAdolf Loos /DescriptionStained oak, brass
Bordet_PiggyBack TitlePiggyback /Year2008 /ByThomas Heatherwick /DescriptionStacking table
Bildschirmfoto-2011-07-20-u TitleDesk /Year1936–39 /ByFrank Lloyd Wright /DescriptionWood, painted metal
266 TitleScarce desk and chair /Year1957 /ByArne Jacobsen /DescriptionLaminated beech, stainless steel
483 TitleAlbini Desk /Year1939 /ByFranco Albini
Judd_Prototype_Desk_1978 TitlePrototype Desk /Year1978 /ByDonald Judd
ill-5 TitleSecrétaire /Year1903–1904 /ByKoloman Moser /DescriptionMacassar ebony, veneered, marquetry of Madagascar ebony, beechwood, mahogany, ivory, tortoiseshell, brass mounts
CoffeeTable_PeterHvidt TitleCoffee table /Year1956–58 /ByPeter Hvidt, Orla Mølgaard-Nielsen
Albers-Josef TitleSatztische /Year1925 /ByJosef Albers