LED Lamp

Table lamp


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Polyamide, stainless steel, LED-components, electronics components


A simple lamp for a non-specific use, consisting of two parts, each optimized for their tasks. The lightweight translucent lampshade contains the LED lightsource and is situated upon a solid steel base. The lamp can be powered by a solar-charger, laptop or a power adapter.

led-streifen-selbstklebend- DescriptionVarious LEDs
DSC_0397_Solar_Adapter DescriptionSolar mobile charger
led-lenser-x21-gurt TitleLenser X21 /Year2009 /DescriptionTorch light
altuslumen-tril-portable-le TitleTri-L /ByAltus Lumen /DescriptionPortable, battery-powered LED work light
5W-USB-Power-Adapter-MUU DescriptionUSB power adapter
Mario-Bellini_Video-Termina TitleVideo terminal /Year1967 /ByMario Bellini
Sintesi_ErnestoGismondi TitleSintesi /Year1975 /ByErnesto Gismondi /DescriptionTable lamp
USB-Flexible-Light_20090742 DescriptionLaptop USB light
zufall_3-klein_bearbeitet-1 TitleZufall /Year2008 /ByIngo Maurer /DescriptionFlexible silicone arm
lampe TitleLamp /Year2011 /ByA C E /DescriptionAsh
Papertasklight-ClaessonKoiv TitleW101 /Year2010 /ByClaesson Koivisto Rune /DescriptionPaper task light. Pressed sheets of DuraPulp
Bildschirmfoto-2011-06-01 TitleMouse Trap /Year2005 /ByIndustrial Facility /DescriptionThe top moulding incorporates two buttons as part of its shell.
HarriKoskinen_Light TitleFoldedlight /Year2009 /ByHarri Koskinen /DescriptionTable lamp made from a single sheet of folded steel.
Arbeitsscheinwerfer-neu DescriptionWork light
Sunnan_NicolasCortolozzis TitleSunnan /Year2010 /ByNicolas Cortolozzis /DescriptionSolar cell powered LED lamp
fatd811_Burago TitleDesk lamp /ByBurago /DescriptionPlastic, metal
JasonBruges_lg_1-0000488-14 TitleFlatliner /Year2009 /By Jason Bruges /DescriptionTable lamp with 240 LEDs
CF035811retouched_211210 TitleTab /Year2007 /ByBarber Osgerby /DescriptionAlumi-nium, porcelain
Kandem_MarianneBrandt2 TitleKandem /Year1928 /ByMarianne Brandt, Hinrich Bredendieck /DescriptionBedside table lamp. Lacquered steel
laliseuse_b TitleLa Liseuse /Year2007 /ByBenoƮt Deneufbourg /DescriptionPowder coated steel
Starck_Hooo TitleHOOO!!! /Year2009 /ByPhilippe Starck /DescriptionText by Jenny Holzer, custom electronic design by Moritz Waldemeyer
Michael-Lax_1965-2 TitleLytegem High-Intensity Lamps /Year1965 /ByMichael Lax /DescriptionPlastic, zinc, aluminium
Eclisse TitleEclisse /Year1966 /ByVico Magistretti /DescriptionTable lamp
plug02 TitlePLUG! /Year2008 /ByTomas Kral
jetzt_01 TitleJetzt /Year2009 /ByAxel Schmid /DescriptionAnodized aluminium, LEDs, PVC
Antony_SergeMouille TitleAntony /Year1955 /BySerge Mouille /DescriptionDesk lamp. Enameled aluminium, enameled steel, brass
Carwardine_Anglepoise_1208 TitleAnglepoise 1208 /Year1933 /ByGeorge Carwardine /DescriptionAdjustable desk light
KM5-by-WOKA-by-Kolo-Moser-i TitleKM5 /Year1903 /ByKoloman Moser
8523848_1 TitlePileo /Year1972 /ByGae Aulenti /DescriptionTable lamp
UTU_415_SWSW-1 TitleU-Turn /Year2012 /ByMichel Charlot /DescriptionRotating, adjustable spotlight.