MAK FUTURE LAB for Citizen Science


Exhibition Design


MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna


In cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy and the MAK – Museum of Applied Arts, the pilot project MAK FUTURE LAB for Citizen Science was developed. Within the framework of this project, a series of workshops was conceived and implemented by the design team Vandasye, designer Kathrina Dankl, architect and architectural theorist Andreas Rumpfhuber, and the MAK.

In addition, we were commissioned to develop a multi-use display system for the MAK Forum that presents the conception and methodology underlying this project as well as stations of the process from which questions and parameters for three fictive future scenarios emerge.

The resulting scenarios were visualised in collaboration with the artist Aldo Giannotti, the photographer Stefanie Moshammer and the design office BreadedEscalope and presented at the MAK FORUM.