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Acrylic mirror, polyamide, ABS, alumide


In its closed shape, the three-sided mirror appears as an anonymous rectangular object with no specific purpose and origin. It reveals its utilisation when unfolded. The swivel-mounted parts allow the user to see any angle of the face.

VolvoS80 TitleVolvo S80 /DescriptionSafety features
Volucella_pellucens_head_co DescriptionCompound eye of a hover-fly
ps2 TitlePerfect skin /Year2004 /ByGregory Chatonsky /DescriptionArchival ultrachrome ink jet
prada TitlePrada Dressing Room /ByIDEO (UK), OMA/AMO, Prada, Scharff Weisberg, Kramdesign, KTP, Ludwig Seufert GmbH, Icon Nicholson LLC /DescriptionA mirrored wall inside the dressing room with an embedded plasma screen that displays different views of the customer.
GioPonti_VanityMirror TitleVanity Mirror /ByGio Ponti /Description Brass, crystal, mirrored glass
hb_3636913 Title Egypt Mirror /YearCa. 1479–1473 b.c. /Description Bronze and wood
Tri-Fold-Mirror DescriptionOver door tri-fold mirror
seymour_mirror TitleMake up mirror /Year2005 /ByJerszy Seymour /
looking-into-the-blind-spot DescriptionRear-view mirror
02_x TitleMIRROR_X#1 /Year2010 /ByGerold Tagwerker /
BillGatesDescriptionMug shot
legohinge ByLego /DescriptionHinge
media208 DescriptionSolar sun oven
Michelangelo_Caravaggio_065 TitleNarcissus /Year1594–1596 /ByMichelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio /DescriptionOil on canvas
Lehanneur_Narcisse TitleNarcisse /Year2007 /ByMathieu Lehanneur /DescriptionLiquid mirror, aluminium, engine, presence sensor
Egger TitleUntitled (A.R.E. U.S. ((( O ))) dich vs. DU !!!) /Year2009 /ByChristian Egger /
_TETE_DE_FEMME(2704041)_44aaa72c TitleTête de femme (La Lectrice) /Year1938 /ByPablo Picasso /DescriptionOil on canvas
0526_1_lg_MissDonna TitleMiss Donna /Year1987 /ByPhilippe Starck /Description Table mirror
Bild-11 TitleMirror Box /Year2006 /ByLeon Ransmeier, Gwendolyn Floyd
cotm_0801-04 TitleVolvo 480 Turbo /DescriptionCollapsible headlights
Cabinet-1 TitleCabinet /YearShigeru Uchida /DescriptionWood covered by leather
EyeWont TitleEye won‘t let U know /Year2005 /ByBabak Ghazi /
dangraham_octogon TitleOctogon for Munster /Year1987 /ByDan Graham /
Garden_delights TitleThe Garden of Earthly Delights /Year1503-1504 /ByHieronymus Bosch /DescriptionOil-on-wood triptych
HumanEye TitleHuman Eye /DescriptionAntique medical illustration
MirrorAttire_Coat TitleMirror Interior Trench Coat /Year1999–2000 /ByJill Magid /DescriptionFrom the series „Mirror Interior Urban Attire“
phoca_thumb_l_lee_untitled_2094 TitleUntitled (Alexander Rodchenko, 1928) /Year2008 /ByTim Lee /DescriptionPainted stainless steel, mirror, camera
shotz_mirrorfence_b TitleMirror Fence /Year2003 /ByAlyson Shotz /DescriptionAcrylic, wood, aluminium, hardware
photo-3 DescriptionHexagonal mirror
Stephane_barbier_miroir TitleMirror /Year2006 /ByStephane Barbier Bouvet /DescriptionMirror cover with mist. Steel, mirror, motor
The_dark_side_of_the_moon_sw TitleThe Dark Side of the Moon /Year1973 /ByStorm Thorgerson, George Hardie /DescriptionAlbum cover
vs Titlenow vs. then vs here vs. there vs this vs. that vs me vs. you vs. us vs. them /Year2008 /ByHayley A. Silverman /DescriptionSingle-channel video, mirror, laptop (DVD loop, w/sound)
264397099_432581b004_b TitleSky Mirror /Year2006 /ByAnish Kapoor /DescriptionStainless steel, 1067 cm diameter
haegue_yang_02-4 TitleEyes Off /Year2007 /ByHaegue Yang /DescriptionCircular mirror on metal armature, pivots 360 degrees, motor (one turn about every 4 minutes), 60 cm diameter
1 TitleUntitled /Year2005 /ByReena Spaulings /DescriptionAcrylic on canvas, iron
KitGrover_Mirror TitleWish Mirror /ByKit Grover /DescriptionHand mirror with stand
PivotVanity_RawEdges TitlePivot Vanity /Year2011 /ByRaw Edges /DescriptionLacquer and solid oak
Aladag_Mirror TitleFamily Portrait /Year2007 /ByNevin Aladag /DescriptionFive mirrors
Vogue-02 TitleMirror-Cover (VOGUE) /Year2000 /ByOlaf Nicolai /DescriptionBipartite, silkscreen print mirror
after14768790462plus TitleMirror /Year2008 /ByVincent Ganivet /DescriptionMirrors of a discoball
BeautifulFaces TitleBeautiful Faces, Seiten 14–15 /Year2001 /ByClaude Closky