Bottle Opener


Brass, hammered


Goodgoods, Vienna


Open is a bottle opener we have designed for the carefully curated online store Goodgoods. Available with a polished or hammered surface treatment.

V_goodgoods_manual_circular_saw_SW DescriptionManual circular saw
V_goodgoods_drilling_SW DescriptionDrilling
V_goodgoods_milling_SW DescriptionMilling
Michael_Antrobus_bottle_opener_SW TitleGround Barware /Year2012 /ByMichael Antrobus /Description Bottle opener formed from a single length of 4000 Series Stainless Steel.
Open_a_bottle_with_a_lighter DescriptionOpen a bottle with a lighter.
Open-Two-Bottles-With-Each-Other_SW DescriptionOpen two bottles with each other.
Field_OscarDiaz_Loop_field-online_SW TitleLoop /Year 2012 /ByOscar Diaz /DescriptionStainless steel, tumbled finish
Hohlkoerper_Bild1 DescriptionCreating a hammered texture by striking the copper with a planishing hammer on a flat steel surface.
Vandasye_BottleOpener_Flewmarket DescriptionBottle opener
MG_6611 TitleBottle Opener No. 4687 /Year1950 /ByCarl Auböck
Bout-de-Bois-pers TitleBout de Bois /Year2013 /ByAdrien Rovero /DescriptionBottle opener made out of massive ash. Its rough shape contrasts with its ingenious and simple system.
bottle11-e1376930616174 TitleSplügen bottle opener /Year1960 /ByAchille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni /DescriptionStainless steel mirror polished
2012_06_12_9999_123_1 TitleHermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer /Year1960s /ByMonopol /DescriptionMetal bottle opener pops the top and then glides over to make a tight seal.
303 TitleAlien Bottle Opener, Edition Charlie /Year2014 /ByKonstantin Grcic /DescriptionA bottle opener as key ring.
7b084f49b6cdb6345d11509b9a614bc5 TitleAlps7 Bottle Opener /DescriptionWine bottle opener, can opener, and beer bottle opener all in one
crest04_SW TitleCrest bottle opener 4 /ByFort Standard / DescriptionCast in solid brass.
Brendan_Ravenhill_Bottle_Opener TitleBottle Opener /Year2011 /ByBrendan Ravenhill / Description Walnut, nail
tomaseller-6 TitleExpendic /Year2009 /ByTomas Eller
Iceland_satellite DescriptionIceland, from the NASA Visible Earth image gallery.
JosefHoffmann_Vase TitleVase /Yearc. 1908 /ByJosef Hoffmann /DescriptionBrass, hammered and folded.
hammerforming DescriptionHammer forming
Dinner_Gong TitleDinner Gong /Yearc. 1880 /Description Hammered brass gong
Big_Game_Hammer_Lamp_SW TitleHammer /Year2014 /ByBig-game / DescriptionLamp. The reflector is made from a hand-hammered sheet of solid silver.
f269_erb_2014_magis_officina_SW TitleOfficina /Year2014 /ByRonan & Erwan Bouroullec / DescriptionWrought iron
Shane-Schneck_Cap-anthracite TitleCap /Year2015 / ByShane Schneck / DescriptionZinc alloy