Audio station


3D-printed ABS, electronic components


Sound is an important part of any museum experience. Present audio solutions are technically refined, but they can be challenging for museums: most of them are too complex to use, they are expensive to maintain and they do not offer sufficient flexibility. This is why we have designed the »Plug-and-Play« audio station.

The »Plug-and-Play« consists of two 3D-printed Polyamide parts and a simple digital voice recorder with a play-back function joined together by 4 screws. It can be powered via a plug or independently with batteries or solar panels. The device can be easily attached to all forms of display topography. The visually self-explaining shape of the »Plug-and-Play« draws the visitor’s attention playfully to the purpose of the device. The visitor simply has to press the prominently placed play-button, and the sound will will emerge. Headphones are not required.

The first series is currently being used at a permanent exhibition of the Ötztal Nature Park in Austria. A total of three devices are part of the exhibition. They allow the visitor to experience unique and rarely-heard sounds: the mating call of a rock ptarmigan, the cry of the nutcracker and the warning cry of an Alpine marmot.

In short, the »Plug-and-Play« is an intuitive audio station that has been radically reduced to its main purpose. It is a simple, flexible and cost-effective tool for museums to include audio elements in their exhibitions. It is not only extremely easy to install and maintain, but also easy to use both for the museum staff and visitors.