Selected 2016

Exhibition Design


Creative Industries Styria, Graz


Established in 2012, Selected is an internationally curated design exhibition and one of the main annual design events in Austria. Selected brings together a wide range of the latest trends in furniture and accessories from around the world, often introducing upcoming, trendsetting companies and designers.

The venue for Selected 2016 is an inner-city warehouse in Austria’s second-largest city, Graz, with a total of area of 1,066 sq m. This year, Selected was keen on trying a new exhibition design. We were proud to accompany Selected along this way.

The main goal was to let the carefully curated exhibits take center stage in the warehouse space. Given the challenging light situation, we agreed that we needed to come up with a stronger and more versatile exhibition design. We gave the warehouse more structure by adding untreated aluminum plates, which create a stark contrast to the rough walls and floors. The vertical aluminum plates also act as information posts. Large lettering was chosen and positioned high enough on the columns to ensure visibility even during busy times. The aluminum panels also add light to the warehouse due to their reflective texture. Through their own reflections in the aluminum panels, objects and viewers mirror each other, blur and become part of the exhibition platform.

Instead of having separate spaces for each designer, we suggested to group products by categories. This helps the visitor to compare and take in the different designs in a clearer and more condensed form, allowing for a deeper engagement with exhibition objects. The text elements surrounding the exhibits invite viewers to ask questions and make new connections. Having done all these changes, the warehouse has been turned into a more neutral setting allowing the products to own the exhibition space and the visitor to have a multidimensional experience of the exhibits.