Signage, Illustration


Walser Herbst, Blons


We collaborated with architecture theorist Mathias Mitteregger on a poster series, used as practical guides for his performative lecture on architecture and superstition at the art event »Walser Herbst«. To highlight the main topics, the hand-drawn posters were temporarily installed in and around the Museum of Local History Sonntag with the help of random, scattered things.

Frutiger_Symbols_And_Signs_SW TitleSymbols and Signs: Explorations /Year2002 /ByAdrian Frutiger
book_of_symbols_SW TitleThe Book of Symbols. Reflections on Archetypal Images /Year2010 /ByArchive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism
codex-seraphinianus_SW TitleIllustration from »Codex Seraphinianus« /Year1981 /ByLuigi Serafini
Bismarck_Public_Face_SW TitlePublic Face /Year 2014 /ByJulius von Bismarck, Benjamin Maus and Richard Wilhelmer /DescriptionSmiley made out of steel and neon tubes, showing the present emotions of the citizens.
Concise-dictionary_of_German_superstitions TitleConcise dictionary of German superstitions /Year1927–1942 /ByEduard Hoffmann-Krayer and Hanns Bächtold-Stäubli
inflatable_stonehenge_03_SW TitleSacrilege /Year2012 /ByJeremy Deller /DescriptionBouncy castle – life-sized inflatable model of Stonehenge
150869_2008_neonglastransformator_SW Title15.08.69 /Year2008 /BySilke Wagner /DescriptionNeon lamp and transformer
marked-tree-310x405_SW DescriptionMarked tree
TallOvoo_SW DescriptionMongolian ceremonial stack of rocks and blue cloth
Cairn_at_Garvera_Surselva_Graubuenden_Switzerland_SW TitleCairn /DescriptionA cairn is a man-made pile of stones.
Kummel_Korpo_2009_SW DescriptionSea cairn in the Finnish archipelago
Warchalking_SW TitleOpen node /DescriptionWarchalking symbol
Gaunerzinken_2a DescriptionBurglar chalk marks
vier5_Chaumont_2011_SW TitleSignage of the 22nd Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont /Year2011 /ByVier5 /DescriptionHeaps of red painted wood were placed outside the festival venues. These signaled the events inside but also invited visitors to play and interact with them.
HoboMarkingsCanalStFerry_SW DescriptionHobo code
mark_plus_handmarkierung DescriptionMarking paint
DSC07735_1600 DescriptionCalligraphic practices in Chinese public spaces
Dan_Perjovschi_2009 TitleRing me! /Year2009 /ByDan Perjovschi /DescriptionInstallation view
Flags_House_SWDescriptionSt George's flags