Solar-Powered Clock

Solar-Powered Clock


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Polyamide, electronics components, solar panel


The Solar-powered clock is part of the transformative products, were we re-design choosen products or product´s frames. Rather than using different materials for one frame, we produced a single frame which could be filled with all the technical components. The integrated solar panel supports the clock with adequate electricity. The display illuminates in the dark.

Csa6sol1 DescriptionAnalemmatic sundial
hb_171901549 TitleClock watch /YearCa. 1600–1610 /Description Gilded brass, blued steel hand, iron
CRI_211849 TitleClock (Model 102) /Year1966 /ByRudolph De Harak /Description Chrome-plated metal, plastic
Shaking-torch-M TitleShaking torch
13W-Solar-Briefcase Title13W Solar Briefcase /
Wind-Up-LED-Torch TitleWind-Up LED Torch /
TitleHelios UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) /Year2001 /DescriptionIn solar powered flight
DSC00544 TitleCamping solar set
Junghans TitleJunghans Mega1 /Year 1990 /ByHartmut Esslinger /DescriptionWristwatch with small photovoltaic panel linked to a storage battery.
solar-calculator-picture TitleSolar cell calculator /
2579473493_a06e0c0f7e TitleSolar power plant /DescriptionNear Hemau in the Upper Palatinate (Bavaria)
DSC06108_SW TitleSolar-powered outdoor clock /Description Starting point for our re-design.