Our New Apartment


Polyamide, stained pine


The laser sintered seat is reinforced underneath and integrates the mounting devices for the legs, ensuring that the entire seat remains a single piece. The medium height provides a comfortable temporary place to rest.
The Imperial Furniture Collection Vienna acquired our stool with fully functional laser-sintered parts for their growing permanent collection of contemporary furniture design.

TitleAtollo fruit bowl /Year1965 /ByEnzo Mari
xl_nike_z_doc_black_SW TitleZvezdochka /Year2004 /ByMarc Newson /DescriptionTrainer
pierrejeanneret25 TitleStool /Year1952–56 /ByPierre Jeanneret
PART TitleParticule Stool /Year2008 /ByAdrien Rovero /DescriptionStool made of compressed and moulded wood chips. Three legs are made using the same mould.
5062402_1_l TitlePiano Stool /YearCa. 1935 / ByPoul Henningsen
shavings-tan1 TitleShavings /Year2009 /ByYoav Avinoam /DescriptionSawdust, resin
JacobMüller_Hocker TitleStool /Year1944 /ByJacob Müller /DescriptionFir
laarman2 TitleBone Chaise /Year2006 /ByJoris Laarman
DSC05200 DescriptionPlastic stool
Adjustable-stool-Giotto-Des TitleGiotto /Year1975 /ByJonathan De Pas, Donato D‘Urbino, Paolo Lomazz
Hocker_480 YearCa. 1930 /DescriptionStool from the factory building Sulzau-Werfendic
SUV_Safety_Ford_Freestyle TitleMonocoque Car Chassis /DescriptionMCC is a construction technique that supports structural load by using an object‘s external skin as opposed to using an internal frame that is then covered with a non-load-bearing skin. Monocoque construction was first widely used in aircraft in the 1930s. A welded unit body is the predominant automobile construction technology today.
Caputo5 Year2008 /ByKueng Caputo /DescriptionFrom the series »Copy«
PlyStool_MichaelMarriott TitlePly Stool /Year2009 /ByMichael Marriott /DescriptionThe stool is made of birch plywood, comes flat-packed in five parts and is assembled with four zip ties
DSC05484 DescriptionStrenghtening ribs
KolomanMoser_Stool TitleStool /Year1898 /ByKoloman Moser /DescriptionFir, painted
FrancoisAzambourg_chair TitleVery nice /Year2005 /ByFrancois Azambourg /DescriptionPlywood, water cut, glue
AmmarEloueini_CRI_161251 TitleCoReFab #11625 /Year2006 /ByAmmar Eloueini /DescriptionPolyamide
Struktur-in-Flaeche DescriptionLightweight structure
Wagner_Hocker_sw TitlePostsparkassenhocker /Year1904 /ByOtto Wagner /DescriptionStool
Josef-Frank_1930er TitleStool /Year1930s /ByJosef Frank /
Chair_MartinoGamper TitleChair /Year2006 /ByMartino Gamper /DescriptionFrom the workshop at South London Gallery
Audi-A8-Body-In-White TitleAluminium Space Frame chassis /DescriptionASF is intended to replace conventional steel monocoque mainly for the benefit of lightness. ASF consists of extruded aluminium sections, vacuum die cast components and aluminium sheets of different thicknesses.