Fragile Hands

Exhibition Design, Graphic Design


University of Applied Arts Vienna, Vienna


We were commissioned to create the exhibition design and developed a customisable system of panelled walls, tables, vitrines which serve as a flexible kit for the curator to display the artworks.

Tri Joint is an anonymous structural system that allows to build simple constructions. Three beams are brought together in a xyz axis and get screwed from three directions to lock the material together into 90 degree angles.

First the beams were trimmed, lacquered black, delivered to the exhibition and finally assembled on site.

101016-cartonboard_sw DescriptionHoneycomb cardboard with white clay-coated or natural facings.
Otto_Neurath_Exhibition TitleTravelling exhibition /Yearc. 1927 /ByGesellschafts- und Wirtschaftsmuseum Vienna
Usm_Modular_Furniture_System_SW TitleUSM Modular furniture system /Year1965 /ByPaul Schärer and Fritz Haller
Doka_Staxo40_2 TitleLoad-bear­ing tow­er Stax­o 40 sys­tem /ByDoka
Superstudio_Quaderna_2_SW TitleQuaderna /Year1971 /BySuperstudio /DescriptionDining Table
4592297414_ca95fcdaf7_z TitleGrid Beam Building System /Year1976 /DescriptionThis modular construction system is based on beams with a simple geometry and a repetitive hole-pattern. The beams can be made of wood, aluminium, steel, or any other material.
KEN-ISAACS-5 TitleSuper Chair from the Book "How to Build Your Own Living Structures" /Year1974 /ByKen Isaacs
grid4_SW TitleOpenStructures /Year2007 /ByIntrastructures (Thomas Lommée) /DescriptionThe OS (OpenStructures) project explores the possibility of a modular construction model where everyone designs for everyone on the basis of one shared geometrical grid.
MikeAndDougStarn_SW TitleBig Bambú /Year2011 /ByMike and Doug Starn /DescriptionDetail view