Made 4 You / Nonstop

Exhibition Design, Information graphics, Editorial Design, Curation


MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna

Intro by Thomas Geisler – Curator, MAK Design Collection

The MAK design happening »MADE 4 YOU. Design for Change NON STOP!« — staged as part of Vienna Design Week 2012 by Vienna-based design team Vandasye (Peter Umgeher and Georg Schnitzer) — uses an assortment of various devices to introduce new forms of individual and small-series goods manufacturing. Production will be devoted to objects useful in catering the evening event, as well as to a possible range of products for the MAK Design Shop. The museum will thus become a site of simultaneous production, distribution, and consumption, making visible processes related to the economics of consumer goods.

Taking their cue from the still relatively new phenomenon of the FabLab (fabrication laboratory), which makes mechanized production processes available to both professionals and amateurs in open and democratically run hightech workshops, the 2012 MAK Designers-in-Residence will invite other designers to realize »functional models« using 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC and milling machines, vacuum presses, and silkscreen printing technology for the evening’s test operations. Swift and individualized production of objects by means of »rapid manufacturing« has long since become a component of professional prototype development. In the future, this concept could go on to become something like a »home factory,« not unlike the »home office« revolution facilitated by the ready availability of PCs and printers. In many parts of the world, be they rural areas or urban conglomerates, providing access to the means of production would seem to play a key role in shifting toward more sustainable lifestyles. Local production and decentralization are increasingly being viewed as ways of responding to the consequences of globalized industrialization and merchandising.

PhotographyMAK/Katrin Wißkirchen, Kollektiv Fischka