The Shape of Things

Exhibition Design, Curating


Galerie der Stadt Wels, Wels


Featuring anonymous objects as well as the work of:
Volker Albus, Stefan Legner / Carl Auböck / Big-Game / Ayzit Bostan / Joe Colombo / Marco Dessi / Stefan Diez / Béatrice Durandard / Charles and Ray Eames / Christian Egger / Manfred Erjautz / Thomas Feichtner / Gwendolyn Floyd, Leon Ransmeier / Form us with love / Martino Gamper / Konstantin Grcic / Industrial Facility / James Irvine / Johannes Kastinger / Harri Koskinen / Vico Magistretti / Michael Marriott / Ingo Maurer / Philipp Messner / mischer´traxler / Jasper Morrison / Normal Studio / Charlotte Perriand / Fritz Pernkopf, Patrick Rampelotto / Stefan Sagmeister / Peter Sandbichler / Herbert Schultes / Jerszy Seymour / Gerold Tagwerker / Vandasye / Ionna Vautrin / Markus Wilfling / Armin Wirth

We were asked by Gerold Tagwerker, artist and artistic adviser of the Galerie der Stadt Wels, to showcase our work based on the concept of our website. On our website the projects are accompanied by a constantly growing online collection of links, references and citations. This enables our work to be viewed within the context of their surroundings and their influences, making parallels and differences visible.